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describes and displays the major Readme files included with Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition. Click Readme Contents to return to this page. Note Only major Readme files are listed. Your Windows 98 Second Edition CD contains more specialized Readme files, such as the .TXT files in various driver folders. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Files The file setup.txt (located on your Windows 98 Second Edition CD) discusses installing Windows 98 Second Edition, including requirements and troubleshooting information. The Microsoft end-user license …

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…display drivers. hardware.txt: Helps you troubleshoot hardware problems. You may also need to refer to general.txt, printers.txt, or mouse.txt for specific problems. mouse.txt: Provides information about troubleshooting mouse and keyboard problems. msdosdrv.txt: Discusses syntax for MS-DOS® device drivers. For additional information about MS-DOS commands, see config.txt. (For advanced users) printers.txt: Provides information about troubleshooting printer problems. Portions of PCCard support Copyright 1993 SystemSoft Corporation. All Rights ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**