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XML and Java Abstract Most web developers are intimately familiar with HTML, which is a language for presenting information on-screen so that it can be read by a human. A new markup language is rapidly gaining attention, however. XML allows for the presentation of information which can be read by a computer program. It is likely that the future of web development includes the creation of increasing numbers of programs, which make intelligent use of …

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…which of the many ideas out there become viable business solutions. The next ‘Microsoft’ is probably just getting started right now. Bibliography 1. Bosak, Jon (1997). XML, Java, and the future of the Web, http://metalab.unc.edu/pub/sun-info/standards/xml/why/xmlapps.html 2. Fuchs, Matthew, (1999). Why XML Is Meant for Java Exploring the XML/Java Connection, Web Techniques, June 1999. 3. Morgenthal, JP. Portable Data/Portable Code: XML & JavaTM Technologies http://java.sun.com:8081/xml/ncfocus.html