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Joseph Borstein November 29, 2000 Gandhi's India Paper #3 The Conflict of Women in 20th Century India Throughout recorded history, women the world over have been held to different standards than men. They have been consistently oppressed in nearly all aspects of life, from political to personal, public to private. In the 20th century, great strides have been taken to end this oppression and level the playing field. In India however, a number of deeply rooted traditions have …

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…end of the eighties "atrocities against women" were still occurring and they continue to occur today, but the change in attitude and the end of apathy that has emerged over the last century surely gives promise that someday there could truly be equality for women in India, and the world over. Bibliography: Bose, Sugata and Jalal, Ayesha. Modern South Asia, London, Routledge, 1997. Omvedt, Gail. Reinventing Revolution. Stein, Burton. A History of India, Malden, Blackwell Publishers, 1998.