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Women play different roles in early literature. In The Illiad, Gilgamesh, and Oedipus Rex, their roles determine the different amounts of power they possess and how they use the powers to influence the events that occur. In The Illiad, the women throughout the story are treated as prizes. Homer expresses this when he writes: I refused that glittering price for the young girl Chryseis. Indeed, I prefer her by far, the girl herself, I want …

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…bed. Take such things for shadows, nothing at all- Live, Oedipus, as if there is no tomorrow! (1073-1079). Here shows the power of persuasion that Jocasta has over Oedipus. The women in these stories show power and use this to their advantage. They greatly influence the events that happen in these stories. These women range from royalty to harlots, however they all have the same influences over the men that they come in contact with.