woman as a symbol in chapter 2 of Portrait of the artist as a young man.

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Woman as a Symbol in Chapter 2 Woman is used many times in Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Stephen Dedalus, the main character of the work, is fascinated by woman. This fascination is played upon in many circumstances. First and foremost is the relationship he has with Dante, his aunt. While this relationship is mostly discussed in the first chapter, it's ramifications can be seen in the second. Stephen is often reminded …

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…of agitation for Stephen since the first chapter. This episode dissolves many of these issues he has. Later on, he will feel tremendous guilt over what he has done. Only when he confesses to the priest does he feel better- but that is yet another step in his journey. Sex, as portrayed in Catholic Ireland, was not healthy to talk about. Stephen rebels against this idea, and takes his first step to becoming a man.