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Philip Martin History 242 04/12/00 Wild Swans The title of this book is called Wild Swans. The author is Jung Chang. This book was published November 1992. This book was published in Bantam Doubleday Dell publishing Group in New York and has 500 plus pages. Jung Chang was born in Yibin, Sichunan Province, China, in 1952. Jung Chang was a Red Guard until she was fourteen years old. Later she worked as a peasant. Jung Chang was also a “Barefoot …

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…person I felt sorry for was Jung Chang’s grandmother because she lived through the Manchu period and, during that period the women were treated like the only thing in life was to obey her husbands commands and have his kids. I am glad that I live in a place where there is freedom and where we don’t have to be scared everyday wondering if we are going to make it through another day.