why isn't Shakespeare's Othello Called Iago

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Should William Shakespeare's Othello be called Iago? It is possibly his greatest tragedy, yet it has many problems, curiosities, and questions. That is one specific question that should definately be thought about. I believe Othello is a good name for the play. It makes the reader think. What is Othello going to do? How is he going to do it? And what they don't realize is that it's Iago who brings about all these acts …

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…only what he does that provokes killing. Iago fools Othello numerous times, and he is Iago's target throughout the play. Under the name of "Iago" this play would be ruined for the reader from the beginning. Iago is a sly deceiving villain who strikes with no mercy. I believe that he is not only the greatest villain of this play, but also the greatest in all of Shakespeare's plays. "Othello" is the way to go.