what alis couldnt find down the rabbit hole

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Like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, we don't know where things will lead us. Perpetually falling, landing, trying t claw our way up the slick metallic walls only to lose our grips and fall back into the blackness, on our way back to wonderland. But sadly we never quit get there. I wonder to myself. What are we getting accomplished? Why live just to die? And why do things go so drastically wrong, and …

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…to be point and clicked to. And no form of drug will ever take you to the true wonderland. Happiness is not found at the end of a rabbit hole. Happiness is in every one. It's a different feeling for different people. For the crocked and wrong who try to cut corners and cheat and look for loophole instead of true happiness, it will continue to elude them, like a little white rabbit. Bibliography none