waxing a snowboard

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How to wax a snowboard There several ways to go about waxing a snowboard. Firs you have to determine what conditions you will be riding in. Then you will have to choose a wax. Say you are going to Vail and the snow condition are.... well lets just say the temp.. of the snow is about 20*. Well the thing you need to do is find a low temp. wax. The way you determine a low …

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…temperature and condition 2. Grasp wax firmly so that it is flat on the base of the board. 3. Put a thick coat of wax on the board to start with. 4. Scrape wax with a plastic or metal scraper. 5. Then apply a thin coat and buff with a buffing pad. 6. Scrape for the last time. If you you fallow these simple instructions you will have a successful experience waxing your board Bibliography I wrote it my self