watership down

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Hazel became the leader of the rabbits once they left their original warren. He was a very smart and tricky rabbit who won the respect and trust of the other rabbits by his courage and many great deeds. He always handled problems calmly so others would also remained calm. Whenever a plan was needed, Hazel would always come up with one. Fiver, the younger brother of Hazel, was unique because of his small size and …

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…warren to kill the enemy. The plan worked, and Woundwort had disappeared. The rest of the enemy left while some stayed to live at Watership Down. Efrafa and Watership Down made peace and decided to start another warren with some rabbits from each of the two warrens. At last, after Hazel saw the warren prosper with new babies and happy rabbits, he left his body to run with extraordinary strength and speed over the fields.