was hitler a legal dictator during after his rise in 1933

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JAMES APPS H13 OCTOBER 2000 “THE YEAR 1933 SAW HITLER RISE IRRESSISTABLY FROM LEGAL CHANCELLOR TO LEGAL DICTATOR”. HOW VALID IS THIS ASSESSMENT OF THE NATURE AND THE EXTENT OF THE NAZI CONSOLIDATION OF POWER DURING 1933? In recent years many historians have come to the conclusion that during the year of 1933 Hitler was able to move from a chancellor of Germany to its dictator. A dictator is defined as a ruler who is not bound by constitution …

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…on the law if they knew it was going against the Nazis. They were forced to convict people for crimes they had not committed. Trade unions were a big problem for Hitler. He needed control over workers because they could cause trouble and refuse to work. To deal with the problem the SA took over making raids on suspect workers housing estates along with torturing and arresting workers, banning newspapers and seizing labour union buildings.