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A.P. History Essay on the War of 1812 The War of 1812 also know as "The Second American War for Independance" (Bailey pg. 233) was fought between the meeger forces of the American government and the supreme power of Great Britain. The war ended in 1815 with the treaty of Gehnt, this treaty wasnt really a treaty but an armastice or surrender of arms. The American military suffered from defeat after defeat during the begining of the war, …

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…the country stayed ununified the army wasnt able to be raised and we kept losing. The combined factors of military and political disunity helped the nation to be unsucessful at its military conquests and self defense. With out a military of good size how are we to protect our country? Also without political togetherness we have no way of defending ourselves.All thes factors helped shape the war of 1812 as "The worst fought American War."