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Person 1. A. I felt like they didnít want to talk to me. It was like pulling teeth to get them to say hello. Not a overall happy thought. B. She was short with black hair and a really cool hair pin. C. She was very rude. Person 2. A. I felt very encouraged about talking this time. I was as you would say it happy. B. She was tall with crutches and a red shirt. …

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…said hello with her boyfriend sitting next to her. Person 9. A. Happy to know I helped someone B. Older women going back to college after 20 yrs. C. Thankful for me helping he around the college. Person 10. A. Good cause I know that was the last person I would need to talk to B. Wondering why now. In a black suit on his was to a business meeting C. Wondering what I was doing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**