valediction and man on the moon

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Losing someone close to you, a loved one, is a very difficult situation. This causes people to change their lives and the way they look at life. “Valediction”, a poem, and “Man on the Moon” both tell of this dilemma. Many similarities are attributed to the two relationships between man and woman in “Valediction” and the two brothers, Brent and Sam, in “Man on the Moon.” However, there are differences between the two stories. In …

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…to get his old life back. Though these times of loss are difficult, Sam in “Man on the Moon” will be able to move on and have a happier life for he is willing to make changes. The man in “Valediction” will have a more difficult time for he is trying to hold on to the past. For one must be able to remember the good things but be able to put away the past.