using the mother as a model in meditation

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I feel that using the mother as a model in meditation fascinating because one can Personalize their own experience by visualizing his/her own mother and in effect, associate inner emotion & raw compassion for the one who created and protected them. I also thought that the realization of immense inapplicable rebirths, that everyone has been everyone’s mother in a sense, is a powerful tool towards introducing compassion for all beings. Just understanding the respectful …

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…the self, is only a mental imputation. I think it is important to remain humble and courteous, even other religions express respect and honor for one’s own mother. All in all, I feel that I am fortunate to read and study this book, or at least parts of it, on my own if giving the chance, and try to maybe see if anyone else would be interested in learning more about Buddhism. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**