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Farhan Ali Business in Pacific Mr Redmon July 09, 2000 China’s Special Economic Zones Most of China's five special economic zones are located in southeast China. (1) The 327.5-square-kilometre Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is located in the south of Guangdong Province, bordering Hong Kong's Kowloon. (2) The Shantou Special Economic Zone is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province. It is divided into two parts: Longhu in the eastern suburbs of Shantou, occupying 22.6 square kilometres, and Guang'ao Peninsula …

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…export-oriented economy. The economic and technological development zones estabished in these open cities have become hot spots for foreign investment. By the end of 1993, the open coastal cities had approved 6,211 foreign-invested projects, and US$4.7 billion foreign capital was used. The coastal areas centred on seven open coastal economic zones have become the most active place for foreign investment. In recent years, foreign investment in these areas has accounted for 80 percent of foreign investment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**