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I will never claim to be an expert as an undergrad at anything, but in my personal opinion, McCarthy is not the son of Faulkner in the Southern Literary Renaissance. McCarthy and Faulkner share common view in the complexities of nature and its subsequent weave with the human condition. The psychological complexity of Faulkner also stems from his desire to explore the true heart of people and not their surfaces (note his Nobel Prize Speech). …

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…of the "similarity" between McCarthy's sentence construction and Faulkner's makes no sense at all. If I got this right, he seems to argue that Faulkner constructs his sentences the same way as McCarthy, except that he uses different types of words and punctuation. Uh...okay, I can live with that assertion, I suppose. But donít look for it to surface in Chrisís forthcoming article in Southern Quarterly. Betcha he plays it safer there!