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NEWPORT, R.I. & TRIANGLE TRADE: THE ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS OF THE RHODE ISLAND SLAVE TRADE *An estimated 59,070 slaves were taken by Newport Slavers prior to the American Revolution. An estimated 15 million were taken to the West in total. Between 1709 and 1807, Rhode Island merchants sponsored at least 934 slaving voyages to the coast of Africa. Their ships carried an estimated 106,544 Africans from their homeland to the New World (Coughtry). Of the 421 Rhode Island slavers tabulated for the period …

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…place, who sometime since went from thence to Guinea, and was returning with a cargo of Negroes, they rose upon the said commander and company, and barbarously murdered three of his men, the said captain and the rest of his company made their escape, tho tis said they are all since dead except the captain and a boy; The Negroes we are informed were afterwards taken and made slaves by those other nation." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**