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TRAUMA RECOVERY Robert Silverman When "Dr. Bob" Doman suggested that I write a section for his book, I was a bit puzzled. "Write something about attitude," Dr. Bob suggested. Now that word didn't seem adequate but we failed to come up with a better one. Yet it is really attitude that has driven me to do this rigorous neurological program for nearly seven years, and very successfully I might add. Actually, whatever arms you with …

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…visual digit span of eleven. He is totally rightsided in dominance and we are now taking the final steps to make both hemispheres more efficient with bilateral activities including juggling, typing, etc. Our new goal for Bob Silverman is to help make him better than he was before the car hit him. We can hope, as Bob does, for even greater success. Reprinted from the Journal of the National Academy for Child Development ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**