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Tooth And Nail Book Report Written By Charles Elster and Joseph Elliot 10 Facts About the book 1. The main character is a young women named, Caitlin Ciccone, who is a typical American, girl next door type of little daddy¡¯s girl. She departs for college as she enters the new world of life. 2.Caitlin is a very smart girl. She is the kind of student that every teacher would wish to have 20 in one class. She …

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…evidence. Also, because a lot of the book talks about the evidence they find and how they find them. When they do find anything they say some catchy and wierd words like ¡°Eureka!, Bingo!, .....¡± 10. During this whole book a lot of the characters are pessimistic, while a couple can keep cool during some scary situations such as being locked in a room. People like Billy and Phil are very optimistic which hold the group together.