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Nicole Johnson Drug Abuse and Treatment Group Research on Tobacco Social Factors Effecting Tobacco Use One of the main causes for a person to continue smoking is the presence of secondary reinforcers. For a smoker a secondary reinforcer may be talking, working, drinking, or studying etc. These are paired with physiological addiction which keep the user dependent on tobacco. Reasons Why People Start Using Tobacco There are various reasons why people of all ages start …

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…A child coming from a home with a single parent Performs poorly in school Drops out of school Has positive attitudes about tobacco use Some of the other smokers are: 90% of heroine users 80% of alcoholics 27% of white men 24% of white women 29% of black men 24% of black women 29% of Asian/Pacific Islander men 4% of Asian/Pacific Islander women 37% of American Indian/Alaska Native men 35% of American Indian/Alaska Native women 22% Latino men 15% Latino women ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**