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Thorium, symbol Th, is a radioactive metal like element with a atomic number of 90. It is part of the actnide series of the periodic table. Thorium was discovered in 1828 by Baron Jons Jakob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist.Its is ranked 39 in quantites of elements in the earths crust. Thorium is dark, slowly attacked by water, and soluble in acids such as sulfuric and hydrochloric. Thorium has isotoped that range from 212 to236 in mass numbers. Thorium 232 …

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…numbers. Thorium 232 happens naturally and is the first member of the radioactive-decay series.It is currently being studied as a potential atomic-fuel source for the future, which is called the thorium-uranium fuel cycle.It is hopefully going to be a substitute for the uranium-plutonium fuel cycle.Thorium metal is used im magnesium alloys and as a stabilizing component of electronic tubes. Thorium oxide is used in light filiments and electrodes and also in a catalyst.