thomas hobbes and absolutism

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Thomas Hobbes and His Absolutism In the time of Thomas Hobbes (1588 - 1679), absolutism was the type of government that was practiced and was believed to be the right thing. Absolutism is a system in which one man has absolute power over the people. This absolute power was believed to come from God. The ruler or Monarch, was supposedly carrying out the will of God. Hobbes, who is a Brittish philosopher and political theorist, may have …

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…I think that Hobbes may have been ahead of his time. For his day, his ideas were very good because it got away from the idea that the Monarch got his rule from God. It was like the beginings of the seperation of church and state. It was also good because he was looking to please all men. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** sourses of western tradition -- volume II Perry houghton mifflin company -- bostonm new york 1999