theme developed through motif in Death of a Salesman

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Most people find that a reacurrance of theme in a play or nevel can be developed through motif. In the play Death of a Salesman, the main theme of the American Dream is developed through a character's motif, they are the constand stealing of Biff, the image of the new stockings and the pattern of the Loman's car. One of the most prevealent problems in the play is Biff's constant stealing. These events occured many …

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…accomplishing the American dream and with the help of his car he could end it all. In conclusion, the main development of the American Dream was established through a characters motifs. These motifs lead to the destruction of characters in the play. Through the constant stealing of Biff, the symbolism of the stockings and the pattern of the Lowman's car, the reader could see the evidence of the theme of the American dream creating motif.