the year1917

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It was hoped that the abdication of Czar Nicholas II and the collapse of the old regime would result in a new russian society which would emerge from the ruble of authoritrianism to bring wealth and prosperity to the peasents and workers of Russia. The state of affairs following the abdication of the Czar was anything but glorious and prosperous. Revolutionary groups throughout the country emerged to seize local power. No distinct group was able …

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…government on its policies and leaders. His belief that Kerensky was weak and indecisive was also not concealed. This compounded with Kerensky’s view of Kornilov as a potential political ally fostered Kerensky’s antagonism towards Kornilov. There is however little evidence that points to Kornilov planning a coup on the governmet. In this respect, it appears that much of the paranoia of a revolution from the right was created inside of Kerensky’s head.