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The Wild Duck In the Wild Duck, Henrik Ibsen begins his play by emphasizing the value of color and light. He uses the theme of light to contrast Old Werle, a stingy rich man, with Old Ekdal, a poor helpless man. Ibsen connects the color green with the loss of eyesight of Old Werle. A possible affair between Old Werle and Gina, Hedvig's mother, may suggest the cause of Hedvig's loss of sight. By using …

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…past. In the last four acts Ibsen makes the setting correspond to the contents, the moon with happiness and daylight parallel to reality. The lack of light is analogous to darkness in the scene. Finally, grey sunlight, along with coldness and snow, correspond to Hedvig's death. In the Wild Duck, Henrik Ibsen applies the image of light to express certain attributes in order to assemble the story and to alter the mood of the play.