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Ashley Smith History 406 1/26/00 Book Report #1 In his book, The Warlords, AJP Taylor defines a warlord as "a man of great, of unique, power dominating both the military and civil affairs of his country; a dictator whose power was unlimited and who made all vital decisions" (Taylor 16). Taylor is trying to portray Joseph Stalin, Denito Mussolini, Adolf Hilter, Winston Churchill, and President Roosevelt as warlords by his definition. He uses many examples of events during World …

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…began reading it. It was easy to read and, as I already stated, very interesting. He touched briefly on many aspects of the war as well as these men being warlords. He also discusses the issue of Japan's influence on the war. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in it's subject or just as a good work of general knowledge about these men and the World War II.