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Various authors have talked about the transcendentalist philosophy, have written many essays, poems, ECT. Transcendentalism is a philosophy that is practiced by few because of its drastic views. It is a difficult task to succeed; many people have found it difficult to go against society. Transcendentalism is a flawed philosophy and is not effective, but it does have a few good points. It is flawed because it contradicts itself and because of its negative views, …

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…with the negative values. Transcendentalism does have true points but the fact that the negative and contradicting views do exist than it still negates the relevance of it. Discovering one's self is an achievement but the views do not allow it to do so. Without the knowledge, one is not to learn about one's self because of survival. Transcendentalism is a fictious philosophy that cannot be achieved; it is merely a theory of various authors.