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The Taming Of The Shrew Character Analyses: Katherine: She is called the shrew, even by her father. She is always put second in her fathers eyes, next to her sister. She alters dramatically from an ill mannered shrew to a obedient and happy wife when she discovers her husband cares enough to try to change her for her own good, as well as his own. The shrew is not a shrew at all beneath the …

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…highest possible financial concessions from the suitors and, in Kate's case, simply to be rid of a problem child. He practically auctions off his favorite, offering her to whichever suitor will give the highest bid, without asking her. He will give Katherine to anyone who will take her off his hands. Vincentio: Is Lucentio's father, he is extremely fond of his son and is grief-stricken when he discovers his son may have come to harm.