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“The Demon Lover” & “The Signalmen” Ghost stories are a special and enjoyable type of literature in which a reader creates a feeling of suspense. The reason for this being is that the writer chooses to end the story without a resolution. By doing this, it makes a reader look into their imagination and make their own resolution. Two ghost stories that do this are “The Demon Lover,” written by Elizabeth Bowen, and “The Signalmen,” written …

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…her family. The “Demon Lover” also sends an important message to its readers. Even though many people make promises that cannot be kept, they still do it anyway, knowing what the consequences will be. This message makes this story even more creative than it seemed to be. Although “The Signalmen” was also a well-written story and had similarities to “The Demon Lover,” it didn’t have the touch that I liked in “The Demon Lover.”