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“How do we know what we know about the Shang and Zhou cultures?” The information and knowledge that archeologists and historians have gathered about the Shang and Zhou cultures come from archaeological sites as well as from ancient literal texts. The two largest sites for the Shang culture are the Zhengzhou and the Anyang sites. At Zhengzhou, there was a wall surrounding the capital city which ran 2385 ft long, 30 ft high and 60 ft wide (the …

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…their overthrowing of the Shang culture). The Mandate states that a heaven chooses and empowers a ruler with the right to rule on the condition that he is righteous and wise in his handlings of administrative duties as well as in his treatment of his subjects (as well as practicing religion devotedly). However, if the leader violates these conditions, heaven will take away his right to rule by giving power to a new ruling family.