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The Screwtape Letters” by G.S Lewis Report written by Brandon Sharp September 15, 2000 Values of the Modern World Dr. Herbert Lester SC 1401 C.S. Lewis’s ,“The Screwtape Letters” , is an interesting look into the memoirs of two devils which exist only to bring souls to hell. The story is full of clever insight to a negative spiritual community who is highly educated in the art of mind manipulation. Lewis narrates the story keenly through …

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…normal life is spiritually related. He made me feel more confident about facing any devils that may be working for my soul. Readers should walk away from this story with restored faith that demons can be defeated if a person perseveres. It is amazing how Lewis takes one of the most serious topics in the world and makes fun of it while at the same getting a very important message across to readers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**