the reforms of diocletian

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The Reforms of Diocletian The reformation of the Roman government was not a new idea by the third century CE. The enormous Roman Empire had seen many changes by this time; largely due to the many wars, the rise of Christianity and other religious cultures, and, of course, the power hungry leaders and jealous politicians any culture is doomed to run into over centuries of time. The reforms of Augustus were quite respectable, lasting some …

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…ten years, and Constantine ruled alone for thirteen more, until CE 337. Constantine reformed Diocletian's reforms into a system that worked. He continued with the reorganization of the army. As to the common people, Constantine went about their peace differently. His decree bound sons to the work of their parents, intending to provide adequate agricultural labor. Diocletian's reforms brought on great change to the Roman Empire, positive and negative, in the short term and long term.