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The Idea of a Hero in the Fiction of Barry Hannah The concept of a hero and the characteristics that one person feels are embodied by a hero are explored in the short story “Ride, Fly, Penetrate, Loiter” by Barry Hannah. Everyone wants to be a hero, but in reality few are. There are many people who consciously and unconsciously undermine their attempts to become a hero. Ned Maximus, the protagonist in Hannah’s story …

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…he wishes that he could have these qualities and be a true hero. Ned would have to make major changes in his attitudes towards people and his treatment of them. Since this is unlikely to happen, Ned Maximus will never be a shining example of a hero as described by Barry Hannah. 1.) Hannah, Barry. “Ride, Fly, Penetrate, Loiter.” Captain Maximus. New York: Penguin Books, 1985. 2.) The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary. New York: Penguin Books, 1995.