the human and the divine

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1) Introduction Through out history, as man progressed from a primitive animal to a "human being" capable of thought and reason, mankind has had to throw questions about the meaning of our own existence to ourselves. Out of those trail of thoughts appeared religion, art, and philosophy, the fundamental process of questioning about existence. Who we are, how we came to be, where we are going, what the most ideal state is....... All these questions had …

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…us by the divine powers so that humans could live in accordance with God's original design. Therefore, the good in us are perfectly natural and it is only right that we have it within us. And also therefore, it is our duty to act out our goodness in the form of "love" so that we can live in harmony with God's will. 6) References Bibliography 1. ÁøÁß±Ç, ¹ÌÇÐ ¿Àµð¼¼ÀÌ1, »õ±æ, 1994 2, Anthony, Classical and Biblical Backgrounds to Western Literature, Sogang University Press, 1996