the house on mango street

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The House on Mango Street We are all affected by cultural standards that our own society imposes to us as what is perceive to be normal and acceptable. In United States, the American Dream- the dream of success, wealth and power all rolled up into one influences many people especially in the minds of the immigrants who perpetually believe that they can get a piece of the so-called American dream. In the short story, the …

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…believe that it is not wrong to dream, it is not wrong to hope and strive to achieve our desires. I think we should dream a little, it is the only way we can keep our sanity when we see the realities of our brutal world. Bibliography Works Cited Cisneros, Sandra. “The House on Mango Street.” Literature Reading And Writing. The Human Experience. 7th ed. Abcarian, Klotz, and Richardson. St. Martin Press: New York 1988. 122-123.