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THE HINDENBURG The Hindenburg was a dirigible or airship. The dictionary defines dirigible as an air filled balloon. The Hindenburg was the largest airship to ever fly. It was filled with hydrogen and carried a gas volume of 7,062,000. In size comparison the Hindenburg was only 78 feet shorter than the Titanic. It was named after the a German General named Paul Von Hindenburg and second president of the Weiner republic who presided over the coming to …

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…to this report. My grandfather’s description of the disaster really gave me a closer look at the Hindenburg and the details of the day it exploded. I guess when I have seen the Goodyear Blimp it never crossed my mind about all the things that could happen as it floats above in the sky. Unfortunately, the Hindenburg will be remembered, as was the Titantic for the death and destruction they left behind in history.