the gift of the magi and the necklace comparison

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Have you ever read a story that makes you think of another similar story? Well if you have, you can relate better to this essay and furthermore understand it, because in the following , I will be comparing and contrasting two stories: "The gift of the magi", and "the Necklace". These two stories are alike and different in many ways, and are my favorite stories we've read so far this year. The settings of these two …

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…similarity is that both themes are valuable lessons to learn in life. I believe these two stories are very alike and different at the same time. They are very good stories, and I recommend you read both of them. They teach you valuable lessons in life while at the same time entertaining you. "The gift of the magi" and "the Necklace" are great stories, and reading them is a great way to pass the time.