the ecological self

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Diversity is a whirlwind of color through a society. There are no two people in the world that are exactly alike. Individuality distinguishes one person or thing from others (Landau, 364 Ed). A person’s environment as a whole: an interaction with others, experiences, and time, makes a collage of traits that distinguishes someone as an individual. David Sibley’s theory of the “Ecological Self” or Identity is bound by his determents of social, cultural, and …

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…the person that I am today. David Sibley’s “Ecological Self” and the other related topics discussed, have some validity of defining the concept of self-identity. Social and Cultural expectations are not the only dominant forces that shape Bibliography grunewald, peter.genetic engineering and medicine.1997. 1 jan 2000 landua, sidney, ed. the doubleday dictionary. doubleday & co, inc. new york: bogus, 1975 life tips center. how do i know who i am?