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The Dancer Fiona was a dancer with a dream, To be famous, which seemed extreme. Everyday she awoke like the one before, It seemed never ending like the oceanís shore, In her heart she knew after the tense work, She would be on the stage in New York. Her figure was extremely slender, Was perfectly built, but still was tender. Fiona had lengthy strawberry blonde hair, She neatly pinned up due to itís …

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…appeared of an angel. Gracefully twirling on her toes one day she fell. She twisted her ankle, that needed mending, Fionaís internal was goal still pending. Her instructor encouraged time to rest, Is was literal that her injury was a pest. To improve her skills, Fiona trained Eventually recovered and her strength she gained. Never giving up is how she achieved fame, Now in return what will be remembered is her name. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**