the birth of a nation

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The Birth of the Nation The four main events that led in inspiring the colonies to revolt against England were the Townshend acts, the formation of the Colonial Assemblies, the Boston Massacre, and the Intolerable acts. These four events were not the only reasons the Revolution started, but were the deciding factors. Thought the colonists were given some rights, they were pushed over the edge by the British Government. I believe with out one event …

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…the Townshend acts except for the Tea. He proved that the Act was hurting England more then it was helping them. However in 1772, tensions rose again after a group of Rhode Island colonists attacked a British Customs Schooner that was patrolling the shore for smugglers. The colonists snuck aboard and burned the ship down to ashes. Furiated, King George sent out a group of soldiers to find the guilty party and bring them to trial.