the art of Italy and Northern Europe from 1300 to 1520

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The Art of Italy and Northern Europe from 1300 to 1520 The years between 1300 to 1520, commonly known as the Renaissance, was an era of extraordinarily advanced achievements made in the art world. Techniques that began to be utilized at this period of time made the artworks surpass those of any other preceding movement. "A word of caution is necessary when speaking of a 'rebirth' of the spirit of antiquity. In Italy, much more so than in northern …

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…and more aesthetically crafted images of the abuse and pain Jesus Christ endured. Both the Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance were historically monumental movements for all types of art. The techniques achieved by Massacio, Michaelangelo, and Rotgen, to name a few, are the most influential of any movement in all of art history. To study a painting or sculpture from this age, whether it is of the North or of Italy, is truly a reward.