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The Appian Way First conceived in 312 B.C. by Appius Claudius the Appian Way was known as “the Queen of roads”. She was Rome’s first military highway, in a time when most didn’t consider building roads. Let alone one that would last millenniums. The Appian Way or Appia begins at the foot of the colosseum. Not far afterwards is the ruins’ of the Milliarium Aureum, which was built in 20 B.C. by Augustus. …

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…have managed to take away at least 300 lbs of stone to sell in the markets. The Appian Way is where murders, robbers, and prostitutes dwell. The most innocent occupation is trash dumping. Dr Baldassare Conticaello is convinced that it is impossible to get Italians to stop dumping their trash in the streets and to start using trashcans. Never the less real estate along the Appian Way is among the most expensive in all of Italy.