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Systems Analysis and Design Spring 2000 Chapter 1 Review Questions pg 1.28-29 1. A procedure is a specific task that needs to be done to produce output. A system is a group of related procedures for a particular business function. 2. Data is another word used for input, and information is another word used for output. 3. The components of an information systems (IS) are hardware, software, data, procedures, and people. Hardware: physical layer of information system. Software: system and …

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…analyzes, designs, develops, installs, evaluates, and maintains a companies information systems. The systems analysts must plan projects, develop schedules, and estimate costs. Conduct meetings, deliver presentations, and write memos, reports, and documentation. Must have strong technical skills and broad knowledge of information management concepts, tools, and techniques. Needs strong people skills, and must have capabilities to communicate effectively. Needs strong leadership skills to plan, estimate, the control the project and to coach and motivate others