symbolism in the house of the seven gables

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SYMBOLISM IN NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE'S THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES In American Literature, one can find the everyday struggles of our existence reflected. The authors of this literature, old and modern, communicate the meanings and lessons of their works directly and indirectly. The text itself plainly tell us a story, but an author also uses symbols to relay his message in a more subtle way. Nathaniel Hawthorne does this in his novel The House of …

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…been affected by the past, and future generations have to deal with the result of past generations' actions. All these that Hawthorne uses enhance his writing so that we can look at it on a more thoughtful level. He also expresses his basic beliefs in life. Hawthorne meant not only to entertain us with his writings, but also to inform us if possible. This explains the extensive use of symbolism in his work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**