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The US General Accounting Office defines a sweatshop as a business that regularly violates wage, child labor, health and/or safety laws. While sweatshop abuses in the garment industry have been an issue of public concern for decades, few people know about the sweatshops of the booming electronics industry. Behind the gleaming facade of the high tech industry are thousands of low-paid, mostly immigrant women, who assemble the nuts and bolts of our computers using …

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…that they were the lowest class of people on earth. And that thought seems to… be the true assumption. They don't have anything to do on earth. You are turned into being a street beggar. I did not know that circumstances could reduce you to be a beggar. I did not know. Now I do." Gaston, Ogoni refugee, age 29 This is a report about Ogoni refugees. The Ogoni are a minority ethnic group of 500,000 people