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KATRINA GRIFFIN 10/12/99 HUM 2011.4 PRO CHAMBERS RESPONDS ON SUNJATA AND FREDRICK DOUGLASS READINGS In the story “The Guardian of the Word”, it shows how Africans Americans and modern post-colonial Africans are a like in rejection of history and traditional culture. The griot in the story was trying to explain the history and lineage to a young African boy when his teacher came and deliberately interrupted the lesson. The teacher regarded the griot’s lesson as meaningless …

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…Baldwin states “man is forced each day to snatch his manhood, his identity out of the fire of human cruelty…if he survives the effort…he can teach, achieve own authority and that is unshakable”. This statement is clearly demonstrated in both stories (Sunjata and Douglass). Both people took control and authority of their life, which force everything to become subordinate and humble. That is the power of realizing ones proud history and self worth.