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Sudan is the largest country in Africa, and is one of the poorest. It is located in the northeastern part of the continent. It is mainly made up of two regional groups: an Arab African group in the north and the Nilotes in the south. It's major ethnic groups of the north are the Kababish, a camel raising people; the Jaalin and Saiqiyya, who live along rivers ; the Nubians, who live along the northern Nile; …

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…routs of eastern Sudan. Egypt monopolized trade of Sudan, except slave trade, wich were raided for constantly. The successors of Ali, tried to make the country more profitable extending their conquests to the south, and set up trade posts along the Nile River. The control over trade ended in 1849, when Ali died. Slave raids continued, and in 1857 slavery was banned. It did not end and went on until more action was taken against it in1863.