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COLLECTION SPEECH I. ATTENTION GETTER Wait until you see what I did this summer! (Uncover collages) About a year ago, I started collecting magazines. After reading them and seeing all of the neat clippings that were in them, I began to cut them out. Soon, I had so many clippings, that I started pasting them together to form collages. II. BACKGROUND SENTENCE It has been very fun collecting magazines, because of all the things you …

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…a Christmas present to all the families I baby-sit for, I made a collage of tons of pictures, I took of the kids over the summer. (Show placemat.) It is very fun to have people compliment what you have created. III. SUBJECT SENTENCE Today, I will explain to you how my collection started, tell you my favorite magazines, what I like to find for my collages, and what I do with my magazines and creations.