structural adjustment in Africa

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Africa's Changing Agricultural Development Strategies Sub-Saharan Africa has often been viewed by the development field as a homogenous entity with common problems requiring common strategies. Most countries in the region gained independence from European colonial rule in the early 1960s, but the process of forming agricultural strategies began much earlier. Agricultural strategies are perhaps the most important component of overall development strategies in a continent where on average agriculture still accounts for 70 percent of employment, 40 …

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…most critical need today is investment in local human capital and the institutional capacity of agricultural research and policy groups, so that they can become equal partners in formulating appropriate agricultural development strategies for their countries. Works Cited Reardon, Thomas. No Date. Agricultural Strategies in Africa. 2d ed. Available [On Line]: Veit, Peter. Africa's Valuable Assets: a Reader in Natural Resource Management, Washington, DC: World Resources Institute, 1998.